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check temperature centos

simple dan sering lupa. ngecek suhu ato temperatur server (dibaca: serper), tapi hal ini lumayan penting untuk performansi server (dibaca: serper). Memang suhu AC udah 16º C, tapi kan tetep aja kita harus cek juga kondisi si server (dibaca: serper) gimana sekarang?

yang udah pernah aku coba itu lm_sensor. Tinggal comot packagenya aja dari sini ato bagi yang maniak sama CLI
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Installation – Cacti

Cacti requires that the following software is installed on your system:

  • RRDTool 1.0.49 or 1.2.x or greater
  • MySQL 4.1.x or 5.x or greater
  • PHP 4.3.6 or greater, 5.x greater highly recommended for advanced features
  • A Web Server e.g. Apache, IIS, or Nginx

Please make sure, the following packages are installed according to your operating systems requirements. Verify, that web server and mysql are started at system startup.
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iftop – network traffic


– display bandwidth usage on an interface by host. iftop  listens  to network traffic on a named interface, or on the first interface it can find which looks like an external interface if none is
specified, and displays a table of current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts.  iftop must be run with sufficient permissions to monitor all net-
work traffic on the interface for more information, but on most systems this means that it must be run as root.

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