iftop – network traffic


– display bandwidth usage on an interface by host. iftop  listens  to network traffic on a named interface, or on the first interface it can find which looks like an external interface if none is
specified, and displays a table of current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts.  iftop must be run with sufficient permissions to monitor all net-
work traffic on the interface for more information, but on most systems this means that it must be run as root.

[root@my-home my-home]# iftop
interface: p5p1
IP address is:
MAC address is: fffffff0:4d:ffffffa2:4e:ffffffa2:fffffffc
[root@my-home my-home]#
network traffic


  • h Print a summary of usage.
  • n Don’t do hostname lookups.
  • N Do not resolve port number to service names
  • p Run in promiscuous mode, so that traffic which does not pass directly through the specified interface is also counted.
  • P Turn on port display.
  • l Display and count datagrams addressed to or from link-local IPv6 addresses. The default is not to display that address category.
  • b Don’t display bar graphs of traffic.
  • m limit
  • Set the upper limit for the bandwidth scale. Specified as a number with a ’K’, ’M’ or ’G’ suffix.
  • B Display bandwidth rates in bytes/sec rather than bits/sec.
  • i interface, Listen to packets on interface.

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